When a worker is injured, he/she and eligible for Workers' Comp Chicago will need to have appointments with the doctor, acquiring medical equipment and prescriptions and taking part in physical therapy.


However, that may be challenging for the worker and the workers' compensation insurance carrier may assign a Nurse case manager to help facilitate all the tasks including the treatment.


Worth noting is that Medical Case Managers are licensed nurses. They're hired by the workers' compensation insurance company to speed up the relay of information between the doctor and the carrier (insurance company).


Generally, a workers compensation nurse case manager at www.desalvolaw.com is entrusted with the role of ensuring that an injured worker has fast access to medical treatment. They relay the doctors' recommendations regarding the injured worker seeking authorization from the carrier for the treatment.


Also, in the case an injured worker has any complaints to make concerning the treatment, they're there as quick references.


Besides, they'll explain all the details about treatment in a manner that an injured worker can understand thanks to their medical educational background. To read more about workers compensation lawyers, just go to http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/british/lawyer.


Your Rights As the Injured Worker When Dealing with Nurse Case Managers


o             Workers compensation nurse case manager should note down everything you say in writing and pass it to the insurance company.

o             The NCM's report may go contrary to what the doctor says. As such, you have to be vigilant when viewing those reports and report any discrepancies.

o             In any case, you feel that an NCM is not acting in your best interest, you have a right to speak to your attorney so they can ensure you're assigned a new one.

o             Make sure you're involved in most of the conversations the NCM has with your doctor. If you feel sidelined, it wise to involve a lawyer. DeSalvo Law has passionate and experienced lawyers eager to help.

o             If you want private consultation examination with the doctor before your NCM enters, it's your right. Never sign any papers or documentation relegating that right.

o             You and your lawyer have the right to ask for all correspondences and reports from the nurse case manager workers compensation. If they don't avail them, demand they do so.


What Influence Do Nurse Case Managers Have on the Workers Compensation Claims?


Normally, a nurse case manager is supposed to be neutral serving as an objective third party. That means they'll work as independent entities from the insurance companies while ensuring that don't perform any underground operations against the carrier.


As the injured worker, it's upon you to approach your attorney or lawyer whenever you sense any dubious business going on between the carrier and the NCM.



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